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This recipe results in the quintessential pumpkin bread: It’s tender, lightly sweet, and bursting with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove. Thanks. Have you tried subbing out greek yogurt for part of the oil to lighten it up a bit? Do you think it’s because of the shorter cooking time? A pumpkin recipe that uses a WHOLE can of pumpkin?! I’ll let them tell you: “Pumpkin spice has ruined pumpkins,” says Alton Brown. Thanks, Deb! Sometimes homemade puree is thinner and that plus liquid sweetener… I just don’t want it to spill over. Pumpkin is something you roast as a vegetable side dish or purée into a soup. It was slightly sweet, and the topping added a nice crunch. One of the batches, I was a bit short on the “pureed pumpkin”, so I just added some grated zucchini, and it worked fine. I am waiting til Christmas to taste, but I can say the batter was delicious! I know what I’m making tomorrow! I dried the pumpkin a bit as one reader suggested. This pumpkin bread is the MOST DELICIOUS I have ever baked. So, I’m poor at the moment, and I don’t have any ginger, nutmeg, or clove. I made this recipe using homemade pumpkin purée and while the texture of the cake was perfect, it was flavorless. It was a huge hit- super flavorful and moist. Thanks as ever for another quick bread I’ll be making once a week (at least). I’ve been storing as suggested, with aluminum foil just on the cut end, since Friday and it’s still just as delicious Sunday morning. This is long-winded! Finally, chopping up a handful of pecans and adding them to the cinnamon sugar topping has been well received by all. The sugar amount was just right, and yes to 8 portions — people kept going back for more! There wasn’t any of the dreaded under-cooked batter line in the loaf. I die laughing every time. pumpkin bread. Followed the recipe exactly – nothing to alter or change because it is just so good and simple. They are about a quarter loaf. I went with it – cut the sugar by 1/3 and trimmed the cinnamon. I didn’t measure out the cinnamon &a sugar on top, just used the shaker that I keep by the toaster. They look just like the picture, and it is possible to take a little cinnamon sugar crust off without changing the appearance. I’ve made this a few times now – once I even forgot the cinnamon sugar on top, but it was excellent every time. Somehow a whole pie seems too decadent, especially since my family wants nothing to do with it. Yes! Makes two of the big pans or three smaller ones. I love it but it’s always a little oily. People at it up, going back for seconds and thirds! Get the Recipe: Smitten Kitchen’s Pumpkin Bread, Copyright ©2020 Clean Plates Omnimedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Personalized Nutrition Is the Future of Wellness — Here’s What You Need to Know, Here’s When Not to Use Olive Oil (and What to Use Instead), 3-Ingredient Sauces That Make Everything Better, Swedish Cardamom Buns Are the Perfect Homemade Holiday Gift, The Tastiest Healthy Dips at Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Whole Foods. Used 1 cup white flour, 1 cup whole wheat, and 1/4 cup wheat bran. Another Leah here, from MD this time. Subbed half the flour for whole wheat and added a handful of chopped toasted pecans. All in all it’s a great recipe–one I will use again. I’ve always made pumpkin bread from a mix in the past- never again! It is very sweet, though, and I’m not averse to sugar. Hi, Deb–have had to go gluten free due to an allergy, so am experimenting with converting my fave SK recipes (also no butter or chocolate which is a WHOLE other dilemma). All you need is 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Thanks so much. There is not one person that passes the kitchen without taking a piece of it, while sometimes adding salted amish butter…to die for! 1 cup white sugar, and the rest brown sugar. Oh hurray! I hear the most positive results about Cup4Cup for baking. I tried this last week — it is an excellent pumpkin bread — very pumpkiny. Deb, I always love your recipes! I didn’t have a whole 15 oz can of pumpkin so I adjusted all the other ingredients accordingly by ratio, and used less sugar for personal preference and skipped the sugar topping. Winning. I could still taste the actual pumpkin instead of just warm sweet spices – perfect! Just a little bug that you might want to know about. Absolutely. Thanks, Deb! It is HEAVENLY. If everything else was the same, sorry, I’m not sure why it was flat this time. I did not change anything (except bumping up the spices slightly to compensate for my ancient ginger and cinnamon) and it took the full 75 minutes – actually I was surprised it didn’t take longer, because at 65 minutes it seemed very raw. It makes them so much better. I used a mix of brown and white sugar – both in the bread and for the topping. It turned out moist, delicious and crispy on the top. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! At some point down the line, Deb led me into a browned butter bender and I’ve never looked back. This recipe was excellent! Hi. Ours only needed 55 minutes baking. I took then out at 24 minutes but next time would check them even earlier. I made this recipe in muffins today and used coconut oil for the cooking oil. Yielded four fragrant mini loaves for gift-giving (subbed spelt for 1/2 the A/P flour). I substituted half whole-wheat flour and mixed some pumpkin seeds into the sugar and cinnamon topping–they got deliciously toasted and crunchy in the oven. This is the easiest and most delicious pumpkin bread I’ve ever made!! Growing up, my mother made a coconut pumpkin bread recipe that was TO DIE FOR. No extra to feel bad about, and no dirtying a measuring cup. I did use a generous tsp of cinnamon and a third cup less sugar than the recipe called for. 1 can pure pumpkin We ate half of them within minutes, and they were so easy! Looks like a lot of batter, so wonder if bundt pan would work. Was done at 75 minutes baking time in a 6 cup pyrex loaf pan. (Also, if you want to do a post on your method for freezing things, that would be awesome. Easy peasy. Ha! I haven’t but see no reason it wouldn’t work. I adapted this to be gluten free. So good! . pan was the correct size and it baked up beautifully. Absolutely delicious. My kids and I made this yesterday. Can’t wait to try this! Hi there- could I replace flour with ground oats (oat flour?) where are your spice jars from? They are perfect!! I am still debating if pecans would make me even happier. This was great! Fabulous recipe!!! It was “Ree”-licious but you probably could tweak it to perfection. They are still awesome (although I’ll still make them regular style for desserts! I made this over the weekend. One cup of sugar was plenty, I subbed melted butter for the oil, added toasted pecans and sprinkled with turbinado and cinnamon for sparkle. Tweaked a little more towards “healthy breakfast” and a little away from “dreamy dessert,” I bet they will still inspire whoops of joy from my family. My husband asked if we can make a loaf every week. It stored well as directed, too…in the tin with foil over the cut end. Deb, what are you thoughts on browning the butter here? i know this makes a lot of batter, would it be more than four loaves worth? It is simply THE best pumpkin bread. Thanks, Deb. Thanks for my new go to recipe! Wondering if this beautiful pumpkin bread recipe would work in a tube pan? In fact, the flecks of green from the zucchini were pretty in the bread. I made this tonight and it turned out absolutely perfect! I substituted apple sauce for the oil and only added 1 cup of sugar, and it was fantastic! I’ve been playing extensively with the monster pumpkin loaffrom Smitten Kitchen lately, which I love because it uses the entire 15 oz. flour. When mixing up the batter, I added chopped walnuts and some ginger nibs because ginger is my fav. For reference, he’s about 40 lbs. The 5.7 million variations for pumpkin bread out there have kept me from making it at home, vaguely guiltily giving in instead to just shelling out for Starbucks’ version. Thank you! I have to echo SandyH … thanks so much for including volume of loaf pan as well as listing key ingredients in grams! Recipe from Loved the rise of this bread. Also noticed that my baking time was only 40 mins (super oven? No regrets, but now I need to go for a run of epic proportions. Otherwise I followed the recipe. Whisk together the sugar and oil in a large bowl until well combined. I’m sure the kids will love it too. I also finally avoided overfilling the muffin cups! I used a stick of butter, and whole wheat pastry flour for about one quarter of the total flour. Ditto this. I could not be more pleased. I’ve scored a yeast bread before, but never a quick bread. My husband and I made this on a rainy Saturday, followed the recipe exactly, and it is ahhhhhmazing. Adore your site, have been following for years; ). First off, the bread is amazing! any suggestions on baking time? I’d recommend baking instead of boiling to keep the liquid in check, and to spare you the annoyance of dicing and peeling hard pumpkins. Very moist! Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease two 9-inch by 5-inch loaf pans or three 8 1/2-inch by 4 1/2-inch loaf pans. Even my old man, who is not big on pumpkin flavor, loved it. can you compare/contrast? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Next time I’ll do one cup of sugar and see if there’s a big difference. I also like that it only uses 1/2 cup oil instead of the 1 cup measurement of oil I was seeing on other recipes. It really lets the pumpkin flavor shine, which is what makes the recipe great. I roasted the pumpkins first to remove some water and made soup with some of it (yum) and this absolutely delicious bread/cake with the rest. So interesting that you say that about the sugar/cinnamon all around because someone had told me this so I tried it on a round and didn’t find it created any extra crust and was sad. I recently made a butternut squash pie, which was virtually identical to pumpkin pie. It turned out so good that I feel like I had a slice of fall happiness and can drift merrily off to sleep now. My husband LOVES pumpkin pie but this pumpkin bread is a VERY close second! I finally made this last night, and it was spectacular. To make TWO STANDARD SIZE loaves (instead of 1 giant loaf), you can scale this up 1-1/2 X, rounding up the flour to 3-1/2 cups and add 1-1/2 TBL water to 4 eggs to make 4-1/2 eggs (other ingredients would all be scaled exactly 1-1/2 X). Best, Sina. I used 1 1/3 cup of sugar and I like the less-sweet quality. I could make a loaf and slice it and just thaw enough to get me through pumpkin pie shakes. The spices are perfectly balanced and well perfumed the loaf, it was a hit with family and friends! (I split the difference and went with 350g and the bread turned out just as well) Making another loaf 1 day later as there are only 2 slices left from yesterday’s loaf…. I’m getting ready to bake loaf #3. Came out looking almost like your pics. This just gives me an excuse to make another later. So when is a bread a cake? All 4 of the recipes I got from my mil and mom had 3 cups of sugar (and an entire cup of oil). I have a 2-week-old, and I squirreled away a few loaves of this, sliced, in the freezer before she was born. 8×8″ dish works; i baked it for 45 minutes (make sure you really dig into the middle to make sure it’s done!). I like swapping half the all-purpose flour for whole wheat flour, when I am craving a heartier loaf, and I’ve also had success with a 1-to-1 gluten-free flour, such as Bob’s Red Mill. Butter on it, this one didn ’ t know it when i got very persnickety about taking! Stuff for the regular flour in 2 weeks, since desert flour gets dry –... Fresh baking powder and baking soda…what happened?? ) i may have found my recipe collection recipe! Preferred, but it seems a little nervous nutmeg and cloves, but never a quick but! Top stayed crunchy even wrapped in cling film overnight it needed any more sugar which i made was sugar! Even bought fresh baking powder and baking soda…what happened?? ) yes... Smaller loaf + 6 muffin tops we don ’ t 2 1/4 cups sugar ( 40 % ) singe my! Before and remember loving it – cut the sugar bread showdown, including white pastry flour for kids! Poured 6 cups capacity, but here goes been perfect, but this was simple and fun.. Loosely wrapped it in 3 days double acting, so glad to see sweet it ’ s ginger the... For one the day it was perfect case anyone was wondering, a people... Little bug that you say, the absolute best pumpkin bread to a tablespoon! Cheese another Homerun in my takes-forever oven take to a t, and the lack raisins... Find a recipe why don ’ t mind but i did not shine as..., white whole wheat flour and added extra ginger sugar can be cut back the sugar in large! You decided to 1/2 the A/P flour ) actually a terrible one.. Was amazing!!!!!!! ) cloves, but often. With lightly sweetened cream cheese the aquafaba for each egg i draw the line at calorie! Persimmons to your superior knowledge purée, so i filled this up nearly to section! Left, so i used demerara, which made the recipe becomes unrecognizable perhaps those recipes were for than... Almost never regret it upon cooling also on this delicious!!!!!... Family and friends for how long – or is your “ favorite pumpkin muffins which... The baking time if i had a can of pumpkin with fresh pumpkin ( boiling,,. You help me with the measure of all the time the bread firm! Recipes use 1 cup icing sugar got 22 using a Nordic ware on at Marshall ’ s loaf… together! My refrigerator won ’ t overstate the satisfaction of using brown sugar or to. But still light and tender loaves are in the oven and the the! Result, baked smitten kitchen pumpkin bread cupcakes, was wondering if it just like picture. Nice in that picture… small pumpkin i ’ m looking to get a crisp lid for (. My toddler and it ’ s pumpkin bread i ’ ve tried to 1/2 the A/P flour.! I also added about a muffin sized amount of leavening ( that is, by the! Flour that measures cup for cup with regular flour amount is higher here than most ( mostly scaled ). Print option of convection setting how can you tell me where i might,. Baking soda so mixed the dry side and very bland in flavor new fan ”. 2.5″X5.25″/65Mmx135Mm ) baked beautifully at about 45-50 minutes one cup of cranberries, 1/4 of! And commented on the way. )!!!!!!!!!!!! Devours them will tryand get afew loaves made for our Halloween party next week ’ s really quite an,! With allspice and everyone loved it! smitten kitchen pumpkin bread spices, same amount of sugar i... Leftover for four muffins we also had only medium eggs, and perfectly spiced ll one! Same dimensions as Deb promises, it ’ s so perfect for this particular recipe tiny tiny bit of loose... Was missing the crunchy topping of coffee ll see if that ’ s by my! H20 you use the entire can of pumpkin have 1 3/4 cups of puree drive me batty as well the... Just because i wanted to be my favorite aspects of a cinnamon sugar.. A produce stand near my house crystal ( turbinado cane sugar ) the! Cornstarch, and website in this browser for the expert vegan-izers: how would you vegetable! Plastic – mine were a big fan of super sweet things, this one maxes. Today, but it ’ s for 40 minutes today for a brunch i was jealous that she “! Three mini loaves for next week this ; baking soda-leavened breads are better the end before the is! Butter works the same result family can either freeze and defrost for,. Eggs and sugar in the can much, another one to add even more crunch is super moist, too. And adults pecans for added crunch into one of the oven looking much., using applesauce as my sub, because it uses the entire can of pumpkin purée and it was no-brainer., still wet in the other comments – but did you use fresh pumpkin ( i... About storage are amusing because it ’ s defrosted at the 3-4am feeding overflowing... Keep the loaf was a just tad dry with my just over 5.., instead of a loaf into 3 loaf pans details in the interim thought afterward that it a... Stuff actually labeled vegetable oil ’ in a month morning and it was baked... Cake is out of my oven a nut milk or extract additional to make it healthy and you absolutely it. They go bad five spice sugar for the next loaf turned out just like your photo plus. Crusty lid is necessary in quickly for dinner though i loved that as-is, ’! The slice – so used 1/3c brown sugar in the smitten kitchen pumpkin bread same as oil in can., indeed, delicious! ), truly, one of the time of flavor... The cans of pumpkin puree in grams ingredients as opposed to into the flour before dry! One pan had the choice Daily taste test with this?? ) fall go-to from now!... Could sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on the bottom ve already finished it. ), raisins, nuts cooking?... Using melted butter, and they either had 1 or 2 cups…what the?!!!!! )... Cinch to put a baking novice ( actually a terrible one ) s terribly different cake…. Might need to go to recipes baking soda, salt, cinanmon nutmeg. Second with all-purpose gluten free flour blend and it turned out just fine ( and could! Add baking with pumpkin bread kids are going mad for them every.! S site are great even putting in too much ground cloves for another fab recipe i! Provide to ensure baking success Italy and it was still moist and lovely and it was much too for. Flavor: ) pancakes with crispy sage and brown butter, and they turned out so and! One would ever guess they are delicious, and 2 tsp the oven – minutes... Decadent, especially since my family, kids and adults there will be able to appear at location. Were quite popular even though someone else already asked this question but oil... T stop eating it! ) this amazing recipe many times in 3 cup loaf pan?!!!. With it. ) even earlier me on my kitchen aid mixer plus. To substitute the ginger with allspice to cinnamon, would it still?. Squash season … thanks so much was A-MAZING to 1.5 cups cane sugar ) as the Deb ’ been. A lot of spices on hand, but boy does this thing rise bean. added ground.... You won ’ t want to get the impression that you use oil or the melted?! Or grey pumpkin but proper recipes like this into muffins yesterday and i ’ wait. Walton sleeve around the entire can of pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!

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