Underwater Photography South Texas

Underwater Photography For South Texas

Jasmine and James were my very first volunteers in 2017 as I had made a final decision to step it up to become the only photographer to offer the right equipment for underwater photography experience. Since then, many clients around Texas and Mexico are traveling to the lower South of Texas of the Rio Grande Valley. My dream has been coming true that I have been hesitating for nearly 10 years to invest.


Celebrate with style!

Kim and Charlie have booked me nearly 10 month prior from Katy, TX. It has been a great pleasure communicating with them via Social Media until the day of their wedding. They were a lot of fun and entertaining.


You may now pinch your bride.

This little fellow pinched my toe during a newlywed photo session. I decided to catch it and pose it by the rings as a prop, which I was surprised that it never  left after photo shooting the rings many times.


My heart sets for you.

Heather and Brian got married in October 2016. Her best friend was her assistant due to her busy career schedule. She requested to have a beautiful sunset photo of them and some artistic photos to display on their new home.


You're the one for me!

Darryl contacted me from Austin to arrange a proposal for his special girlfriend on a sunrise morning in South Padre Island. I made some arrangements for him and capture the beginning of their new journey together.


Kissing in the rain.

What an incredible experience to see an amazing view of the sky after a rainy day at the island. It was an advantage to take the opportunity for this couple to capture their small wedding after the rain stopped.


A fun photo session with Freddy!

How fun it was photographing this family. They found me via Google and read my reviews from other clients about my services. I was able to make it happen for them to photo shoot the family as it was a big surprise their parents. 


We now reflect each other.

I photographed a beautiful wedding in Pearl South Padre hotel. I really loved their wedding bands so I wanted to get very creative with the rings. I had them pose at a certain spot to reflect them through the groom's ring.