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This interim design put the 75 mm on a lower and limited traverse mount that restricted its firing angle, but it did give the Western Allies a tank with the gun, so it was issued by the thousands until a better design could be produced. chevron_left. Only when you are facing their hull without any angles should you shoot the hull, otherwise shoot the turret only, as their big tracks can easily get in front of the frontal hull. log in sign up. There will be concerns about certain vehicles: Obvious first choice for research would be Parts in tier I. The M4 Sherman was an American Medium tank developed for World War II. While not ideal, they provide the Sherman tank with some measure of protection against aircraft- sometimes enough to dissuade a pilot from making another pass. The low priority in tanks was due to the following reasons. During the invasion of France, it was clear that the Sherman's current build with a 75 mm gun was no longer going to cut it against the German armoured forces. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). close. While new units arriving in Europe were armed exclusively with 76 mm armed-Shermans, the veteran units kept the 75 mm Shermans, to which it continued to do well against softer targets with little threat from German armour due to their declining numbers. While the. Other countries using the Shermans were Poland, Free France, and Czechoslovakia. Play for free with friends in the most realistic online game. 3.0 Shermans,just act ast normal tank.Your tank do have a enough armor to bounce some shots.But evade to engage enemies on long range,use your speed and stabilisers to flank enemies. While the Sherman was adequate against what little Panzer III and IVs the Germans have left and against infantry and fortifications with the 75 mm gun, the Panthers and Tigers were in much large quantity than expected, and proved better in armour and firepower to the Shermans. Front armour has two protruding areas for driver and co-driver hatches. The 8th rack is large and located in a weak spot: the bottom section of the armour. Ideally, the enemy should be too busy focusing on allies attacking in the front to notice the M4 instantly. These Sherman tanks are widely used by over 3 nations that spread across both the Allied and the Axis side, so no matter which nation you play they can be quite tough to destroy in the hands of a skilled tanker. [Vehicle Profile] M4 Sherman [Decal Included], [Tanks Encyclopedia] Medium Tank M4 Sherman, [Military Factory] M4 Sherman (Medium Tank, M4),, Rolled homogeneous armour (Front, Side, Rear, Hull roof), Cast homogeneous armour (Turret, Transmission area). so ive been playing around the shermans a bit looking forward to get the Pershing and superpershing, but i have yet to figure out how to play the shermans, i always die, idk how to use them, any advises ? [1] This change in optics required appliqué armour to be added at the turret area in front of the gunner since the modification left the area weaker than the overall turret. chevron_right . Mods. The gun mantlet and turret are reasonably strong, but avoiding shots is still the best strategy. If you just unlocked the M4A2, this means only 1 thing. Take out the weaker light or medium tanks, the 75 mm gun is not very ideal against heavy tanks like the KV-1 so take out its friends to allow allies more room to outmanoeuvre the KV tank. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. The other variants are slightly harder to deal with. Outside of the wall are two more filler ports for the fuel tanks on both sides. The M4 Sherman with the short 75mm is one of my favourite tanks to play and for a while was the king of its tier. It was introduced along with the rest of the American ground tree in Update 1.45 "Steel Generals". Four more companies were added later. This weapon is the same type as the one used in American aircraft, though at a slower fire rate. Secondly, the Japanese forces' armoured units were rather inferior to the American tank forces by 1943. All rights reserved. If this is not available, then angling the hull armour to present a greater slope is often a good idea, as this can bounce some low-powered cannon at any range and at longer ranges, render the hull impenetrable. The angled frontal armor went from 56° to 47° from vertical. The Allies continued to use 75 mm Shermans until the Battle of the Bulge in Winter 1944, when the commanders request only 76 mm Shermans to be brought into Europe as the battle showed the intense armour disparity with the German's large numbers of Panthers and Tiger II tanks. These protrusions create "shot traps" as they were in a near vertical position that gave less protection on the front armour than the sloping areas. Post war it saw use in several conflicts including Korea and the French Indochina War. Gaijin Distribution KFT Vehicle. View all games. chevron_right . So these games are pretty old at this point and can be purchased from the Battlefront Website for fifteen bucks each. Despite these losses, the mass production of M4 Sherman back in the United States ensured that enough tanks were available for the Allied Forces as they spearhead through France, plus the lack of any other capable tanks meant they had to use the Shermans for the time being. So while the turret and tank design underwent development, the 75 mm would be mounted on the stopgap M3 Lee tank in a sponson mount. Specifications on the tank design were strict in order to maximize logistical support. Make sure not to expose your flanks unnecessarily. The reasonable mobility of the Sherman makes flanking a viable tactic. Luckily, there is a big weak spot. For the Mk I Churchills, aim at the near-vertical part of their rounded cheeks to ensure successful penetrations. Its prototype, termed the T6, was ready for trials at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in September 1941. The Battle of France in 1940 proved to America that their current tank arsenal would not be able to withstand a German assault. Posted by. The in-game model represents a "Sherman 1.5" design with an M55 telescopic sight in a new g… A single APCBC to its hull or turret should end it pretty quickly, even at long range. This means it's preferable to take down enemy gunner first, usually by hitting the right side of the turret. This means short to medium engagement range, so realistically it can benefit more from its short-range penetration figures than long-range sniping tanks would. If they are angling their hull but facing their turret at you, only go for the turret. There are two flat plates on the front of the hull. The driver and bow gunner sat in the front driving compartment, the fighting compartment in the middle housed the turret its three crew member, and in the back was the engine compartment. The M4 is powered with an engine able to adequate for its weight class. The second machine gun is a general-purpose 7.62 mm M1919A4 Browning machine gun mounted in the coaxial position. The tank's welded hull boosted its ammunition capacity in comparison with cast hulls by expanding its internal armored capacity. The hull's sloping glacis is at 56 degrees, as usual with the early model of M4 Shermans. chevron_left. It was available only for pre-order during the Closed Beta Test of Ground Forces during the period before Update 1.41. On the very rear, the large engine doors are visible, featuring early door hinges used as early as the M3 medium. Again, manoeuvre as close to them as possible, the idea distance being no more than 200m. While the stabilization was only done for the vertical plane, it kept the gun stable enough to be able to shoot on the move effectively, with a study showing a 70 % hit probability on an enemy 300 to 1,200 yards away when moving at a speed of 15 mph. It is built off a standard M4A3 chassis, with a T23 turret with a 75 mm gun, and up-armoured on nearly all sides. The main weakness of the M4 is the side armour - not only is it vertical and thin, but behind it most of the ammunition is stowed. Description. The M4 Sherman is a great flanker as it is fast enough to get the jump on the enemy's side. The F2 variant is admittedly easy to deal with. Either aim here with APCBC or sacrifice damage potential and use the AP round to penetrate the hull. Excellent gun depression of -10° plus the angled frontal turret allows it to utilise hills very well, Great penetration and post-penetration damage when using M61 shells; can frontally penetrate and one-shot most opponents like the, Great turret traverse speed allows it to deal with multiple threats easily, Adequate top speed allows it to get to positions in time, or to do tactical manoeuvres like flanking, Pintle-mounted HMG provides an anti-aircraft defence or anti-tank duty against tanks like, Fitted with a vertical stabilizer, allowing more accurate fire on the move compared to other tanks, as well as better usage of shoot-n-scoot tactics, Large profile and weak side armour; flankers like the Sd.Kfz.234/2 can easily see and penetrate it, Frontal armour is still inadequate, will get frontally penetrated and one-shot by tanks like, The best M61 shell struggles to penetrate heavy targets like, Trajectory is curved and velocity is low due to its short barrel, thus distant/moving targets are hard to shoot at, Hull traverse is quite slow, making it sluggish in a turn. A more effective method was to have metal armour welded on in improvisation, and an official project was made for such "assault tanks" that ended with the M4A3E2 "Jumbos" with 254 made for the fighting in Europe. Tanks had a narrow mantlet for the M34 artillery mount, while subsequent units employed a fully cast forward hull section and M34A1 artillery mount with a wide mantlet. Continuing on from the previous generations saw the development of arguably the most iconic tank in the world: The M4 Sherman, named after General Sherman. They have thicker hull armour, at 80mm, which will be much harder to penetrate with the APCBC over 500m. Can only reach its top speed on paved or hard surfaces, Roof armour of 19.5 mm thick is vulnerable to airstrikes with AP cannons. Aside from this note, some other features on the front glacis are the bundled desert-coloured jerry cans in the driver's area and the road wheel right on the transmission cover. The long barrel 75mm gun will easily penetrate the Sherman from the front. The ▀Pz.Kpfw. If a shot can be made to the M4 Sherman's sides, send it towards the front half of the tank where it would either cripple the crew or ignite one of the ammunition racks strewn all over the internals.

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